New 'Eyes on Justice' Released

The newest edition of Eyes on Justice, Justice at Stake’s newsletter, is now available online here.

The newsletter covers an array of topics including retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s recent remarks to a Washington, D.C. event co-hosted by Justice at Stake.

It also recaps a report co-authored by Justice at Stake, entitled “The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2000-2009: Decade of Change;” a movement toward more contentious and politicized retention elections in some formerly quiet states; a judge’s overturning the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward its gay members; and a continuing controversy over stalled judicial nominations in the U.S. Senate.

New 'Eyes on Justice' Released

The newest edition of Justice at Stake’s biweekly newsletter, Eyes on Justice, is now available online here.

Topics included in this weeks edition are:

  • Campaign finance regulation case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
  • A new essay by Justice at Stake Executive Director Bert Brandenburg on the perils in free corporate spending.
  • The recent dismissal of a lawsuit brought against the Alaskan merit selection system.
  • A hearing of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network considering disqualification rules for judges.
  • Editorials discussing the only female to take the bench in the 8th circuit of Minnesota.

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