Judge Reverses Order to Remove Foster Child From Lesbian Couple

BULLETIN: The Utah judge whose ruling got attention around the country has now reversed his order to take a foster child away from a lesbian couple due to their sexual orientation, The New York Times said on Friday. 

A juvenile-justice judge in Utah, Scott Johansen, has ordered the removal of a foster child from the home of lesbian parents, saying the girl would have a better life as the child of heterosexual parents.

A front-page Washington Post article spotlighted the ruling, examined its legal and civil rights implications and said it has ignited something of a firestorm nationally.

“Although the Supreme Court affirmed the right to same-sex marriage nationally in June, many states have yet to incorporate the ruling into their policies governing parenting rights,” the Post noted. It said Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican, said he was “puzzled” by the judge’s ruling and he had concerns about judicial “activism.”