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Bloomberg Cites JAS on Spending ‘Arms Race’ in Judicial Elections

Screen-Shot-2015-10-29-at-12.24.23-PMIn state judicial elections, outside spending seems to “approaching a tipping point,” Justice at Stake’s Scott Greytak told Bloomberg BNA’s Big Law Business for its lengthy article about judicial elections. “It’s on a path where the majority of spending could soon be from the outside.”

“It’s essentially created an arms race situation,” added Greytak, JAS policy counsel and research analyst, and lead author of the recently released Bankrolling the Bench: The New Politics of Judicial Elections 2013-14. “It’s a high-stakes fight for the ideological composition of these courts.”

In “The Outside Influence of State Judicial Elections,” Bloomberg BNA reported on a record level of outside spending detailed in the past judicial election cycle. It delved into issues raised by a high-spending Illinois Supreme Court retention election in 2014 and then fast-forwarded to this month in Pennsylvania, where a state Supreme Court election set a national spending record at more than $16.5 million.

Bankrolling the Bench was coauthored by The Brennan Center for Justice and the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

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