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Slowdown in Confirming U.S. Judges Blamed on Politics

CapitolflagRepublicans controlling the U.S. Senate “are flexing their powers to slow down the process” of confirming President Obama’s nominees for the federal courts, The Washington Times reports, shortly after the Senate confirmed only its 10th judge this year.

The slowdown follows action by Democrats, when they were controlling the Senate, to change filibuster rules in order to accelerate the confirmation of judges, the article says. It is headlined, “Obama judicial nominees in limbo as ‘nuclear option’ backfires on Democrats.”

In The Hill, a piece by Prof. Carl Tobias of the University of Richmond School of Law applies the themes of Thanksgiving to the process of confirming federal judges, and notes that whereas federal judicial vacancies stood at 90 in August 2009, they now have been reduced and total 66.

“Democrats and Republicans must collaborate better in confirming judges because functioning with many vacant judgeships can undercut courts’ efforts to promptly, economically and fairly resolve cases,” Tobias writes.

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