‘Dark Money’ Gets Scrutiny, Debate in Montana

Last month, the Montana Growth Network,  a tax-exempt group that made advertising expenditures in a 2012 state Supreme Court race, was accused of failing to disclose certain spending and violated disclosure laws (see Gavel Grab). The office of state Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl, who leveled the accusation, disclosed wealthy donors who funded the group.

Now there is more debate about drawing back the veil on hidden spending, as reflected by dual opinions published in The Flathead Beacon:

“Big, anonymous money has and is being used to affect our laws and our lives. Dark money suggests dark deeds. Let’s shine some light,” writes Joe Carbonari.

“People should know who is funding public campaigns and pass laws that protect the political process. Public officials’ decisions affect all of us, and most of us cannot afford to buy political favor,” writes Tim Baldwin.