Lawmaker Wants Impeachment of Two Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan ought to be impeached because they participated in the court’s marriage equality ruling last year after having performed marriages for same-sex couples, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said.

“We have two of them who had done same-sex marriages before they participated, they were disqualified, but they illegally participated, it’s an illegal decision, and it’s time to start impeaching judges and remove them from the Supreme Court,” he said in an interview with a Florida talk radio host, according to Right Wing Watch. It is a publication of People for the American Way.

After the high court’s marriage equality ruling, Justice at Stake addressed a crescendo of attacks on its justices over that and other rulings and said (see Gavel Grab):

“These reactions are antithetical to the concept of fair and impartial courts.  Regarding life tenure, the founding fathers prescribed it for federal judges precisely  to allow judges to rule on the facts and the law, insulated from political pressure or threats of retaliation for a particular decision.  As to the other types of political pressure some are applying we say this: in our pluralistic society, there will always be decisions by the courts with which some disagree. For the courts to do their jobs, we need them to always resist pressure, intimidation and threats from politicians and partisans who want them to rule a certain way. Courts must be able to continue in the role we all rely on: as protectors and defenders of all our rights under the law and the Constitution.”