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Opinion: ‘Running out the Clock’ on Judicial Nominees?

Regarding delays in the Senate’s voting on President Obama’s judicial nominees, the authors of a Portland (Me.) Press Herald op-ed conclude  sadly: “If this were a game, we’d say one side is running out the clock.”

Eliza Townsend,  executive director of the Maine Women’s Policy Center, and Patty Weber, state policy adviser to the National Council of Jewish Women, say the federal courts do important work that affects millions of citizens. The authors lament 71 vacant federal judgeships and look at the Senate, facing a presidential election year, for action:

“Stalling might be a good political tactic, but it doesn’t serve justice. Americans want our government to function, we want to know that everyone in this country has a fair chance to be heard, and we want our elected officials to do the job they sought.”

Townsend and Weber also say Obama has done more than any other president in history to bring diversity to the federal bench. They urge citizens to contact their U.S. senators and press for action in Washington.

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