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Avoid ‘Political Circus’ Over High Court Seat, Justice at Stake Urges

Filling a vacant Supreme Court seat must be separated from the partisan politics of the 2016 presidential elections, Justice at Stake said on Wednesday.

New Executive Director Susan Liss said in a statement about the court vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia:

“There is an alarming trend toward politicizing judicial selection in all our nation’s courts, not just our highest, and it has been deeply disheartening to see the conversation about filling the vacancy on our Supreme Court teetering on the brink of political circus.

“Justice at Stake opposes highly politicized judicial selection processes and advocates for fair and impartial courts staffed with diverse jurists of the highest caliber. To meet that standard, we urge the separation of the process to fill the present vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court from the partisan politics of this year’s presidential race.

“All sides must respect the dignity of the constitutional process, which is the best way to honor Justice Scalia’s memory and serve the American people.”

Liss joined JAS full-time this week. Her  career as a public interest attorney and leader spans more than thirty years, during which she has been a champion for civil rights, women’s rights, democracy and the Constitution.

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