Judicial Selection Plan for Marion County, IN is Revised

As the Indiana legislature works on proposals for a new judicial selection method in Marion County, home of the state capital, a House panel has made changes to the makeup of an appointive commission that render it less partisan, according to a WIBC news article. 

The state Senate recently passed a bill including a 16-member commission for selecting Marion County judges, to include eight lawmakers. The House version provides for the commission to have 14 members, and it removes the legislators from the commission, according to Indiana Lawyer. The latter version would include four attorneys residing in Marion County and appointed by partisan elected officials.

Julia Vaughan of Common Cause Indiana said the version in the House does a better job of insulating judges from politics. To learn why the legislature is working on a new plan for choosing Marion County judges, see Gavel Grab. Justice at Stake has urged adoption of a well-designed merit selection system for the county.