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Kobach: Kansas High Court Has ‘Gone off the Rails’

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has assailed the Kansas Supreme Court, saying it “has gone off the rails” and urging the Republican voters not to retain four of five justices who will stand for retention in November.

A blog of The Kansas City Star reported, “Kris Kobach rails against Kansas Supreme Court.” He alluded in his remarks at a GOP state convention to a controversial ruling by the state’s highest court on public education funding (see Gavel Grab).

Meanwhile, a proposal to change the way appellate Kansas judges are selected, by revising the composition of a judicial nominating commission, “would make the court selection process far more political,” a Lawrence Journal-World editorial said.

To learn details of the proposal, see Gavel Grab. The editorial contends that the merit selection system in place has worked well. It finds the proposal far too sweeping in how it would change the face of the commission:

“If legislators feel the need to change that system to fix what they consider to be an egregious imbalance of attorney-elected attorneys in the nominating process, that can be accomplished with relatively minor changes. There’s no need to drastically alter the nominating commission in a way that would add politics to a process that should be a non-partisan as possible.”

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