Gavel Grab

Kansas Judicial Impeachment Bill Debate Delayed

A Kansas Senate debate on a controversial judicial impeachment bill (see Gavel Grab) was delayed on Monday, according to the Associated Press and the Kansas media.

A particularly divisive aspect of the bill was the addition of “attempting to usurp” the power of the Legislature as a legal grounds to impeach a member of the judiciary, and the Associated Press cited a statement put out by JAS criticizing the bill (see Gavel Grab) as unconstitutional.

The Topeka Capital Journal reported that legislators removed from the bill all provisions outlining infractions that could result in impeachment of a judge, for further study. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Jeff King, who oversaw the streamlining of the bill, said that  boundaries between the authority of the legislative and judicial branches had eroded over last 150 years, and the remainder of the measure dealt with those issues.

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