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In MD, JAS Testifies in Favor of Efforts to End Circuit Court Elections


Justice at Stake testified before a Maryland House committee on Thursday, backing efforts to end the election of Circuit Court judges and recommending a series of steps to ensure the impartiality and fairness of these courts.

“On behalf of Justice at Stake, I testify in support of changing the way that Maryland selects its circuit court judges to one based in the best practices for merit selection as practiced across the country. Moving away from contested elections for circuit court judges will reduce political influence in our courts, helping to ensure that the courts can protect the rights of everyone who comes before them,” testified JAS Director of State Affairs Debra Erenberg.

Citing experience of courts in other states, Erenberg noted, “It has been said that Maryland has not seen the kind of problems with election spending [affecting courts] that has taken place in other states, but I would submit that it is only a matter of time. Every cycle, new states see an explosion of spending that has caught them unprepared. And this spending does not limit itself to the highest levels of courts.”

To learn details of the JAS testimony, read a copy of Erenberg’s text by clicking here or read about earlier testimony submitted in Maryland by clicking here for Gavel Grab.

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