McGregor: Diversity Must Be a Factor in Supreme Court Pick

McGregorIn an op-ed for the Arizona Republic, Justice at Stake Board member and former Arizona Chief Justice Ruth McGregor urges the President to consider diversity in making his next Supreme Court nomination.  The President has said he will nominate a successor to the late Justice Antonin Scalia soon.

“Diversity strengthens America’s courts,” Justice McGregor writes. “Scholarly studies suggest, and my own observations agree, that a court’s analysis is broadened by the presence of diverse voices, whether related to gender, race, or any other unique part of a judge’s background.”

Meanwhile, controversy continues to swirl over the nomination process; the New York Times noted the President’s “contentious” history with the Court, and also the magnitude of the nomination decision.  “That is why the fight over Justice Scalia’s replacement is so momentous,” the Times observed, “magnified because two of the most significant initiatives of Mr. Obama’s presidency, on immigration and climate change, are awaiting the eventual judgment of a court now ideologically divided 4 to 4.”  Politico notes that while the GOP leadership in the Senate has refused to consider any Supreme Court nominee put forward by the White House, Senate Republicans appear ready to move forward with some nominees to lower federal courts, drawing charges of hypocrisy from Democrats.