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A Feud Renewed in NJ, Over Christie’s Top Court Nominee

New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney pledged there will be no confirmation hearing for Gov. Chris Christie’s latest nominee to the state Supreme Court, Superior Court Judge David Bauman, a Republican whom Christie had unsuccessfully nominated before.

“I will not stand for Chris Christie’s repeated attempts to pack the court,” Sweeney said, according to “I will continue to fight him now that he is attempting to end the 70-year tradition of partisan balance and judicial independence.”

Christie is a Republican, and the state Senate is controlled by Democrats. The tiff represents “the newest standoff in an old feud between New Jersey’s top leaders that has suddenly been reignited,” said. New Jersey’s process for selecting Supreme Court justices is similar to the model used for choosing federal judges, although N.J. justices do not secure lifetime appointments as do federal jurists.

Christie alluded to recent developments in Washington, D.C., where Democrats are urging U.S. Senate Republican leaders to grant a hearing to President Obama’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, after Obama makes a selection. “I hope and trust, given how vocal Democrats have been about Washington, D.C., and the problems down there, that they will allow New Jersey to set an example,” the governor said.

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