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Opinion: Arizona Governor Attempting to ‘Stack’ High Court?

According to an opinion piece by E.J. Montini in the Arizona Republic, Governor Doug Ducey is attempting to “stack” the state Supreme Court through a legislator’s reintroduction of a bill to expand the number of justices from five to seven.

The commentary quotes then-Justice at Stake Executive Director, Bert Brandenburg’s reaction to the proposal when it was introduced last year, “Court-packing for political gain was a terrible idea when Franklin Roosevelt tried to hijack the Supreme Court, and it hasn’t gotten better since.”

According to Montini, the court hasn’t added any new justices since the 1960s, and the justification for the bill is that it would help reduce the caseload. However, according to Democratic House Minority Leader Eric Meyer, the Supreme Court doesn’t really have a caseload problem and the proposal would just mean Ducey “appointing more of the justices, which could potentially be a problem for our state moving forward. He’s going to obviously pick very conservative justices that might not reflect the state’s values.”

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