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AP: ‘Warning Shots’ in Fight Over Supreme Court Vacancy

16eveningss-slide-1PNT-articleLargeThe political struggle over filling a Supreme Court vacancy is ramping up, according to The Associated Press. It reports:

“Conservative and liberal groups are only beginning their battle over the Supreme Court vacancy, with a smattering of television ads and behind-the-scenes research serving as warning shots in what’s sure to be an expensive fight that will color November’s elections.”

Justice at Stake has warned (see Gavel Grab) about a trend toward politicizing judicial selection in all of our nation’s courts and  about debate over filling the Supreme Court seat “teetering on the brink of political circus.”

Related coverage and opinion included The Washington Post, “Activists push Obama to nominate black woman to the Supreme Court”; a Washington Post op-ed by U.S. Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner, “The Supreme Court is a political court. Republicans’ actions are proof”; Constitution Daily, “Constitution Check: In the Supreme Court vacancy fight, which election counts most?”; Politico, “Senate Dems push for more judges amid SCOTUS fight”; and Huffington Post, “Republicans Are Even Blocking Their Own Nominees Now.”

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