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JAS Decries ‘Political Attack’ That Mirrors Tactics in States


Image from new ad

Image from new ad

New advertising airing in Washington, D.C., that is critical of a potential Supreme Court nominee copies a pattern long seen in state Supreme Court elections, Justice at Stake said on Monday.

The radio and TV ad sponsored by the Judicial Crisis Network cites a case in which Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Jane Kelly of Iowa, in a former post as a public defender, represented a client accused of child pornography charges (see Gavel Grab).

“This ad takes a page right out of the playbook that partisan outside groups have used to attack candidates for state Supreme Courts for years,” said JAS Executive Director Susan Liss. “It is incredibly common for the ads to take complicated cases or opinions and distort them for shock value. This approach does not inform the people nor help the process in any real way. We are very disappointed to see this kind of political attack surface prior to  the U.S. Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process.”

JCN also has aired ads in state Supreme Court races.

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