Journal Has Proceedings From Event on Caperton and Judicial Recusal

justice-scalesThe proceedings of a symposium about judicial recusal, five years after the Supreme Court’s landmark Caperton v. Massey ruling in 2009, and related scholarly articles are now available online from a periodical that collaborated in holding the event.

The NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy joined with the Brennan Center for Justice and the the American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility in bringing together speakers for the 2014 session, and the Journal has published the proceedings and related articles, according to Election Law blog.

Here are the symposium events and speakers: Opening Remarks by Wendy Weiser; “Caperton and the Courts: Did the Floodgates Open?” with Adam Liptak, Keith Swisher, James Sample and Bradley A. Smith; “The State of Recusal Reform,” with Charles Geyh, Myles Lynk, Robert S. Peck and The Honorable Toni Clarke; “A View From the Bench,” with Barbara S. Gillers, The Honorable Jonathan Lippman, The Honorable Sue Bell Cobb, The Honorable Maureen O’Connor and The Honorable Louis Butler; “Caperton’s Next Generation: Beyond the Bank,” with Jed Shugerman, Debra Lyn Bassett, Gregory S. Parks, Dmitry Bam and Rex R. Perschbacher; and Closing Remarks by Dean Trevor Morrison.

Here are the articles: “Recusal Failure,” by Dmitry Bam; “Three Reasons Why the Challenged Judge Should Not Rule on a Judicial Recusal Motion,” by Debra Lyn Bassett; “Judicial Recusal: Cognitive Biases and Racial Stereotyping,” by Gregory S. Parks; and “Caperton on the International Stage,” by Rex R. Perschbacher.

Robert Peck belongs to the Justice at Stake Board of Directors. The Brennan Center is a JAS partner organization.