Citizens Voice: Eakin Case Represents Need for Reform

Following Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin’s decision to retire on Tuesday (see Gavel Grab) the Citizens Voice Editorial Board argues that the case reflects a wider need to bring reform to a court system that has been dogged by scandal in recent years.

The newspaper writes that Eakin “became the third justice in four years to be forced from the oldest supreme court in the United States” and his resignation “indicates that the rest of the justice system finally has begun to take seriously the need to restore integrity to the courts.”

According to Citizens Voice, the email porn scandal also gives credence to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s claim that she was “attempting to break up an ‘old-boy network’ within the justice system” when questioned about charges that she leaked grand jury testimony and lied about it.

“The legacy of her sole term will be not only her own travails, but the bizarre way that they have forced reform upon institutions that traditionally have resisted it,” the article concludes.