Obama: Nomination Blockade Would Damage Faith in Judiciary

If confirmed for the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland “would help to burnish the sense that the Supreme Court is above politics and not just an extension of politics, and would set a good tone for restoring — or at least increasing — the American people’s confidence in our justice system,” President Obama told NPR.

A New York Times article called the interview the launch of what is expected to be an aggressive push by the White House and allied groups to seek a hearing and vote by the Senate on Obama’s nomination of the appeals court judge to the highest bench.

Obama also said that if Senate Republicans carry out their pledge not to consider the nominee, then it would have a harmful effect. “At that point, the judiciary becomes a pure extension of politics,” he said. “And that damages people’s faith in the judiciary — because everybody understands that there’s some politics involved in appointing judges, but we also expect that the judicial system can rise above the political process.”

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