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N.J. Bar Leader: Judicial Crisis May Become ‘Emergency’

“Shutting down the judicial appointment process is effectively shutting the courthouse doors,” the president of the New Jersey Bar Association warns in an op-ed about a stalemate between Gov. Chris Christie and legislators.

A standoff between Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney comes has surfaced after the latter, a Democrat, refused to give a hearing to the Republican governor’s latest nominee for the Supreme Court and accused the governor of trying to stack the court. Bar Association President Miles Winder III urges in the op-ed an end to the impasse and says it could result in failure to consider tenure for 23 judges who are due it this year.

“With the current number of judicial vacancies standing at more than 40 and the possibility of at least 20 more vacancies being created by the end of the summer, should speculation become reality, we are facing a crisis in our judiciary that would indeed be an emergency,” Winder writes. 

Meanwhile The Burlington County Times reports, “Burlington County Bar Association urges end to Christie-Sweeney stalemate on judge nominations.” Its article says the state bar group has recently adopted a similar resolution.


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