Gavel Grab

When Politics Over High Court is Taken to a ‘Hyperpolarized Level’

A startling possibility, once unthinkable, is starting to hover over the process for filling Supreme Court vacancies in the wake of the current impasse, The New York Times reports. That is the possibility that “only a friendly Senate will confirm justices.” Explains reporter Carl Hulse:

“Now the Republican decision to deny Judge [Merrick] Garland any consideration is taking court politics to a hyperpolarized level, one that does not bode well for the future of an already seriously troubled confirmation process.

“’The problem is the whole thing is just getting ratcheted up, and maybe now we are in a new era when the opposition party will refuse to confirm anyone,’ said Russell Wheeler, an expert on the federal judiciary at the Brookings Institution.”

Hulse adds, “Absent some transformation, the trajectory of judicial disputes seems to be heading toward a point where only a majority friendly to the president will be motivated to act.”

Meanwhile The Associated Press has a headline stating, “Rallies urge GOP senators to back Supreme Court vote.”

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