Ruling: Two W.Va. Court Candidates Qualify for Public Financing

The West Virginia Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Justice Brent Benjamin and attorney Bill Wooton, vying in a May 10 election for the high bench, qualify for up to $500,000 each in the public financing of their campaigns.

Because all of the court’s justices had recused from participating in the case, temporary appointees to the high court issued the decision. The challenge was brought by another high court candidate, attorney Beth Walker. It was based on her contention that the State Election Commission had wrongly allowed the two candidates to keep public financing money although they missed filing deadlines, according to West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

The high court reversed a lower court’s finding and indicated a full opinion would be released later, according to West Virginia MetroNews. Five candidates are running for the high court, and you can learn more about TV ad purchases in it from Gavel Grab.