A ‘Three-Star’ Video Helps Florida Voters in Judicial Races

It’s not very often that someone makes a video explaining how local courts work, and what counts in voting for judges, compared to all those TV spots trumpeting attack ads or “tough-on-crime” themes.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal gets credit this week for bringing to public attention a video in the former category. The newspaper editor’s commentary is headlined, “Judicial races got you bored or confused? Here’s a video.” And it links to the nuts-and-bolts explanatory video prepared by the Volusia County Bar Association and the League of Women Voters of Volusia County.

Editor Pat Rice rates the video as worth watching: “Less than five minutes long, the video provides some good tips voters can use to decide which judicial candidates to support. The cinematography’s not fancy, and the plot’s a little slow, but I’d still give it three stars. Give it a watch, and then take the time to vote in the upcoming judicial and other races.”