Kansas Supreme Court to Weigh High-Profile Abortion Case

The Kansas Supreme Court, which has come under partisan attack from politicians outraged over its rulings, has agreed to consider a case involving what The Topeka Capital-Journal called “the most divisive question before it in recent years.”

The court will weigh the constitutionality of a statute barring a second-trimester abortion procedure,  called “Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act.” The Kansas Court of Appeals divided 7-7 in January on an appeal involving the controversial anti-abortion statute; its deadlock meant a lower court’s decision, blocking the statute from going into effect, stayed in place.

The state Supreme Court agreed this week to consider “whether the Kansas Constitution guarantees the right to an abortion,” the Topeka newspaper said. To learn about how elected politicians have attacked the Kansas courts, with such efforts as legislation to expand the legal grounds for impeaching Supreme Court justices, see Gavel Grab.