Editorial: Citizens Punished When Senate Won’t Confirm Judges

CapitolflagVacancies on the federal bench below the Supreme Court are getting more editorial board attention as a political standoff over the high court’s vacancy seems unremitting.

Neither party has a sterling record when it comes to acting on judicial nominees when the president represents the opposing party. But in slow-pedaling Obama’s nominees, Senate Republicans have brought obstinate obstructionism to a new low,” thundered a PennLive.com editorial. “They should remember that in withholding timely consideration of judicial nominees, it is not the president they are punishing; it is deluged federal judges and the American citizens they strive to serve.”

In Washington, a Spokesman-Review editorial declared, “These confirmation battles aren’t new, and both parties have been guilty of holding up the process. But vacancies affect individuals and businesses with genuine concerns that need legal resolutions.” To learn more about judicial vacancies and jurisdictions deemed “judicial emergencies,” see Gavel Grab