Aron Op-Ed: Trump’s High Court Picks Would Roll Back Century of Progress

Only days before the second presidential candidate debate, Alliance for Justice Action Campaign President Nan Aron warned in a Huffington Post op-ed that Donald Trump’s potential Supreme Court picks “would roll back a century of economic and social progress.”

“The most frightening part is that the stakes this year couldn’t be higher. Whoever is elected president in November will likely determine what the Constitution means for the rest of our lives,” Aron wrote, alluding to one vacancy existing on the high court and the possibility the next president will be faced with filling even more seats if aging justices vacate them.

Discussing the records of a number of people named by Trump as potential Supreme Court picks, Aron said, “[T]he men and women that Donald Trump wants on the Court have clear records of hostility to rights and freedoms we all take for granted.”

“[O]nce Americans learn what these individuals really stand for,” she concluded, “our bet is that – like Trump Steaks – the public won’t buy what Trump is selling. Our research into voter attitudes has found that, overwhelmingly, Americans expect Supreme Court justices to ensure that the Constitution protects all of us, not just special interests. Voters care deeply about the Supreme Court. They want justices who will support the principle of liberty, equality, and justice for all of us. Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justices, by contrast, would roll back a century of economic and social progress.”