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Tuesday Gavel Grab Briefs

After the U.S. Supreme Court left intact certain limits on judicial speech in Wisconsin and Indiana (see Gavel Grab), the executive director of the Wisconsin Judicial Commission commended the outcome.

“I am glad that that’s the court’s decision. Now, more than ever in this state, the importance of a non-partisan and independent judiciary has been shown, and this advances that,” said James Alexander, according to a Wisconsin Law Journal article. He was a defendant in one of the cases.

In these other dispatches about fair and impartial courts:

  • “[Supreme Court Justice Sonia] Sotomayor Pessimistic Public, Senate Will Ever Be Pleased With Judicial Confirmations,” declared a headline for a National Journal article about the judge’s remarks to an audience in New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Gov. Christopher J. Christie has agreed, in a political deal with the Senate president, to nominate Anne Patterson for a state Supreme Court seat that will become vacant after Justice Roberto Rivera-Soto steps down in September, the Newark Star-Ledger reported. The governor backed down from insisting she fill a seat that was vacated when Christie refused to reappoint Justice John Wallace Jr. (see Gavel Grab for background).

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