Gavel Grab

Tuesday Gavel Grab Briefs

A commentary in The Nation about the Supreme Court’s Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett decision cited Justice at Stake in discussing those reformers who found a measure of hope in the ruling.

The article quoted Bert Brandenburg, executive director for Justice at Stake, as saying, “Today’s ruling is disappointing, but not fatal for America’s courts. State judicial elections are drowning in special-interest spending.” He added, “Properly crafted public financing laws are more critical than ever, so that judges do not have to dial for dollars from major donors who may appear before them in court.”

In other dispatches about fair and impartial courts:

  • The New Jersey Senate voted to confirm Gov. Chris Christie’s nomination of Anne Patterson to the state Supreme Court, following a year-long stalemate, according to a Newark Star-Ledger report.
  • “The longer the judiciary rejects cameras [in the courtroom], the longer it will prolong public ignorance about the courts,” stated an editorial in the Scranton (Pa.) Times-Tribune.
  • A constitutional challenge involving back pay for U.S. judges was returned by the Supreme Court to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, according to a Blog of Legal Times article. To learn background about the case, see Gavel Grab.

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