Immigration Courts Backlog Reaches All-Time High

Just how bad is the backlog of cases in federal immigration courts?

Gavel Grab has been updating readers regularly about the  backlog, and a Philadelphia Inquirer article does an exceptional job of capturing the problem in Pennsylvania:

“Seven judges. Five thousand cases. New filings heaped onto their crowded dockets every day.

“Digging into the backlog of pending cases in federal immigration courts in Pennsylvania is like using a spoon to empty an ocean.”

This compelling article turns to Dana Leigh Marks (photo), president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, to portray in equally forceful terms the enormous gap between funding for the courts and money for enforcement. She says the courts are left with inadequate resources:

“You have heard of the tail of the dog? I would say we’re the tick on the tail of the dog.”

The article is entitled, “Immigration cases clogging federal courts.” Nationwide, it reports  the backlog of deportation cases, asylum claims and green-card fraud prosecutions in the immigration courts has reached a record high of 275,000 and still is increasing. And that’s taking into account the hiring of 44 additional immigration judges in the past year.

The information was drawn from a Syracuse University project,  the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse.

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