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Friday Gavel Grab Briefs

In Maine, where 80 percent of legislative candidates typically have participated in the state’s public financing system, legislators will eye fixes to the law.

The state’s Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices will hold a public session Thursday and invite comments on revising the system in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision, according to an Associated Press report. The commission later will make recommendations to the legislature.

This week, a federal judge struck down a provision in Maine’s law, which provided for triggered matching funds for participating candidates. His ruling followed on the heels of the Supreme Court decision, in Arizona Free Enterprise Club v. Bennett.

In these other dispatches about fair and impartial courts:

  • “This may be the golden age of Idaho’s judiciary,” declared a headline for a Twin Falls Times-News commentary, discussing especially the elevation of Justice Roger Burdick to Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court.

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