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Wisconsin Judge Eyes Carrying a Gun in Court, Legally

Tim Duket wants to be a gun-toting judge — in his Marinette County, Wisconsin courtroom, a Wisconsin newspaper says.

The Circuit Court judge has voiced concern about his safety, has received death threats in the past, and has given some thought to the recent shooting rampage in Norway, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.

In an e-mail to Wisconsin’s Judicial Conduct Advisory Committee, Judge Duket declared his “intention to carry a concealed weapon in the courthouse and courtroom” and added, “I suspect that other circuit court judges in Wisconsin have the same intention.”

A new state law permits judges to bring a firearm into the courtroom, but Judge Duket noted that some years ago, a judge was punished for concealing a revolver in his courtroom. Judge Duket wants a clarifying ruling.

The judge took a handgun training class recently and plans to apply for a concealed-carry permit soon.

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