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More Diversity Soon on Federal Bench?

In the wake of a Brookings Institution study on the changing federal judiciary, the Washington Post puts the data in perspective.

When Judge Sonia Sotomayor was elevated to the Supreme Court, the number of Latina federal appeals court judges declined by one-third, the newspaper reports. And while federal judicial diversity is “relatively low…it’s increasing,” according to the newspaper.

Obama’s nominees would bring much more diversity to the U.S. courts. He has nominated 16 judges besides Sotomayor, and they have not yet won confirmation. They include six white men and two white women; three black men and two black women; two Asian American women and one Asian American man.

Among all 1,268 federal judges employed as of Aug. 11, 13 percent are minorities and 18 percent are women, the Post reports. Among the 768 who are active judges, 18 percent are minorities and 26 percent are female. To see a Gavel Grab posting, including a link to the report, click here.

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