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NY Times Urges High Court to Televise Health Care Arguments

A New York Times editorial today is urging the Supreme Court to allow C-SPAN to broadcast live arguments in the case challenging the new federal health care law.

The editorial comes just days after C-SPAN and members of Congress called on Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. to open the court to cameras for an expected 5 ½ hours of arguments scheduled for March.

The editorial notes that the time allotment for the case vastly exceeds the usual one hour spent on arguments for other cases, making video integral to the public’s ability to follow the proceedings.

“While the court provides transcripts of arguments on its Web site and posts audio recordings weekly, those are not equivalent to seeing justices ask questions and the lawyers respond live. For a case this important, the justices would serve the public and the court by allowing cameras at the arguments,” the editorial says.

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