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Oklahoma Asked to Bar Top Court’s Judicial Review of Laws

Oklahoma’s legislature will be asked to consider barring judicial review by the state Supreme Court (photo) of state statutes, and to create a new Oklahoma Ad Hoc Court of Constitutional Review.

State Sen. Ralph Shortey, a Republican, introduced the proposed constitutional amendment to bar judicial review by the state Supreme Court of laws enacted in the state, according to the Gavel to Gavel blog of the National Center for State Courts. You can read earlier Gavel Grab posts to learn about a similar proposal in New Hampshire, and one introduced and later withdrawn in Tennessee.

The bill language does not spell out how the Ad Hoc Court of Constitutional Review would be created or who would belong to it.

“Oklahoma is giving New Hampshire a run for its money for craziest state lawmakers,” legal analyst Andrew Cohen wrote in an Atlantic commentary.

Shortey has introduced other  measures affecting the courts. One would limit to 12 years in office all judges sitting on the state’s top appellate courts, according to Gavel to Gavel . No state judges are currently subject to term limits, the blog reports.

The National Center for State Courts is a JAS partner group.

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