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Federal Judge in Texas Prayer Case Drew Death Threats

Western District of Texas Chief Judge Fred Biery, whose banning prayer at a high school graduation sparked controversy and death threats, issued an opinion and order regarding settlement of the case and added a scathing, personal response, according to Texas Lawyer:

“To those Christians who have venomously and vomitously cursed the Court family and threatened bodily harm and assassination: In His name, I forgive you. To those who have prayed for my death: Your prayers will someday be answered, as inevitability trumps probability. To those in the executive and legislative branches of government who have demagogued this case for their own political goals: You should be ashamed of yourselves. To the lawyers who have advocated professionally and respectfully for their clients’ respective positions: Bless you.” 

A federal appeals court reversed Judge Biery’s ban before the graduation took place. Among those who took issue with his order was GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who called the judge a “dictatorial religious bigot,” according to an Associated Press article. Gingrich also called for elimination of the judge’s job.  Texas Gov. Rick Perry described Judge Biery’s decision as “reprehensible” and an “inappropriate federal encroachment into the lives of Americans.”

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