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Editorial Applauds Florida Supreme Court on Redistricting

The Florida Supreme Court’s recent decision to invalidate a state Senate redistricting plan (see Gavel Grab) drew strong praise from a (Fort Myers) News-Press editorial, entitled “Florida Supreme Court Upholds Will of the People.”

In its 5-2 opinion, the court ruled on redistricting for the first time by applying new anti-gerrymandering standards approved by voters last year. While invalidating a Senate plan, it upheld a state House redistricting plan. The editorial applauded the court:

“The high court struck a sharp blow for both the constitution and the people Friday when it invalidated the state Senate’s redistricting plan. Had it failed to do so, it would have made a mockery of the initiative and referendum process, which allows the voters to override a recalcitrant Legislature, and which was put to classic use in this case.”

Senate President Mike Haridopolos has outlined a special session agenda leading to a vote March 23 on revised Senate boundaries, the Palm Beach Post reported.


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