Gavel Grab

6/3/08: Impact of the Boumediene Case, Proposal for Fed Court Pay Raise, Gavel Grab is in the Top 100!!

What Might the Court Do in Boumediene? And How Might Congress Respond? – Balkinization
Prof. Marty Lederman takes a look at the Boumediene case in front of the Supreme Court and the potential fall out.

A “Modest Proposal” to Increase Judicial Pay: – The Volokh Conspiracy
Illya Somin’s proposal for Fed. Court judges pay raises.

Nationwide Layoff Watch: The Florida Court System – Above the Law Blog
Many judges and other court employees in Florida have lost their jobs after budget cutbacks.

The Top 100 Criminal Justice Blogs List – Criminal Justice Degrees Guide
Congratulations to Gavel Grab. We made a list!!

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