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Leahy: Mixed Review for High Court

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) praised the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Boumediene case, but he was incredulous that the ruling was such a close call.

The Supreme Court did the right thing,” Leahy said, speaking to a packed luncheon at the American Constitution Society’s national convention in Washington on Friday. “I was so excited, but then I thought, why did we have a 5-4 vote to uphold habeas corpus? That should be unanimous.”

Leahy added: “The Court’s decision validates what I have always maintained: Congress made a grave error when it voted to strip habeas corpus rights and left in place hopelessly flawed procedures to hold detainees indefinitely with no meaningful court review merely by the Executive’s decree.”

 Leahy also sharply criticized the Supreme Court’s handling of worker and health care rights, saying it is led by “activist conservative judges who have turned the laws on their head.” To see video and text of the American Constitution Society’s convention highlights, including Leahy’s speech, click here.

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