CBS: 'Deep and Personal' Discord at Supreme Court

There is “deep and personal discord” at the Supreme Court after Chief Justice John Roberts broke with fellow conservatives to cast the deciding vote to uphold the central provision of the Affordable Care Act, CBS News has reported.

Jan Crawford of CBS, who on July 1 had reported that Justice Roberts switched his vote on the hugely controversial issue, provided the most recent account. Quoting unnamed sources, Crawford reported that “[c]onservatives feel a sense of betrayal” and his switch of position “infuriated the conservatives.” Her accounts of a vote switch by Justice Roberts have not been confirmed.

While reports of a vote-switch have gained widespread attention, so too has the subject of leaking on the court. Attempting to give context is an article by Jonathan Peters in Slate, stating there is a “long and colorful history of leaks” at the court, dating back to the 19th century.

Meanwhile there were more news media analyses of the court’s recent record, and proposals to change the court’s authority. David Savage wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Supreme Court Becomes Roberts Court in Year of Surprises.” “Term Limits for Federal Judges” was the topic of a New York Times commentary by Jamal Greene, a former clerk to then-Justice John Paul Stevens and professor at Columbia Law School. Also in the New York Times, the Sunday Dialogue feature had readers debating whether to rein in the federal courts.

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