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Race for Florida Judgeship Gets Pointed

The election contest between Hillsborough County, Fla. Judge Ann Ober and challenger John Grant III has produced sharp accusations.

The statements are so stinging that a Tampa Bay Times article juxtaposes them with a dictate from the state Supreme Court’s Code of Judicial Conduct, that judicial candidates shall “maintain the dignity appropriate to judicial office.”

In campaign literature, Judge Ober said Grant made obscene calls as a teen, has been subject to three DUI arrests, once hit a police officer, lied on an elections statement and competed for the bottom academic ranking in his law school class.

Grant said his opponent’s campaign mailer ”has no regard for time frame,” that he has overcome things that happened during difficult parts of his life, that he made an oversight on a judicial nominating form, and that the charge he lied is a misrepresentation.

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