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This Week in Review

The following message was sent today to Justice at Stake partners:

It’s been a busy week full of state and national news affecting our court system. Gavel Grab, Justice at Stake’s daily online journal, has followed the action.

I invite you to check out the following Gavel Grab articles:

Senate Committee Meets on Detainees. JAS Staff Member Jason Barrett gives a first-hand account from the hearing on an important civil liberties debate.

The Latest “Poll” on Merit Selection. JAS Executive Director Bert Brandenburg discusses a poll sponsored by a group that opposes Merit Selection.

Michigan Ballot Measure Would Eliminate Some Judicial Posts. A plan to cut two Supreme Court positions, all judges’ salaries sparks broad concern.

Wisconsin Questionnaire Pushes Ethics Reform. Press release and original posts from JAS allies Mike McCabe and Jay Heck outline a new ethics initiative.

Minnesota Sect Accused of Harassing Federal Judge. A summary of news accounts.

To see the latest articles, check Gavel Grab daily.

This week, we also released the newest edition of Eyes on Justice. To see our twice-a-month newsletter, click here.

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