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Wisconsin Gov. Walker Spearheads Petition Against Judge

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday launched a petition drive critical of Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas. Judge Colas recently ruled that many of Walker’s restrictions on collective bargaining rights for public workers were unconstitutional.

In response,  Walker’s petition labeled  Judge Colas  an “activist judge” who “chose to put politics ahead of your votes by striking down Governor Walker’s good government budget reforms,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. The petition continues:

“When the big special interests lose at the ballot box they turn to activist judges to legislate from the bench. The fight to defend the Wisconsin taxpayer is not over, and you have another chance to make your voice heard loud and clear. Please sign this petition today to stand with Governor Walker and his reforms that are working for Wisconsin families.”

The Sentinel also pointed out that Walker’s petition not only targets his supporters, but it also requires signers to note their email addresses and zip codes, which his campaign could use for fundraising purposes.

Lester Pines, an attorney for the union that had sued Walker, accused the governor of trashing the judicial system. Pines wrote in an email to the Sentinel, ”Scott Walker should encourage people to respect the judiciary.” He continued, “Instead, just so he can raise money and gin up his base, he repeats the canard judges act politically rather than honestly interpreting the law.”

One Wisconsin Now, a progressive advocacy group, reacted with a counter petition that could also give it a fundraising boost. A part of the petition stated:  ”Scott Walker attacked [Judge Colas’s] integrity. Now Walker has launched another attack and he’s trying to get as many names as possible to say that Wisconsin is on his side.”

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