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Commentary: Supreme Court Keeping Low Profile for Now?

The presidential election “will almost certainly be crucial for the future of the court and the judiciary as a whole,” yet the candidates have largely avoided discussing the court, Emily Bazelon writes in Slate.

In this context the court itself has adroitly maintained a low profile in the 2012 election, in part by deferring possible decisions to take up cases involving such controversial issues as challenges to the federal Voting Rights Act and Defense of Marriage Act, Bazelon contends.

Why aren’t President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney talking about the courts? “The obvious answer is that they’ve each concluded it’s not to their political advantage,” she says. To read about discussion of the courts at a debate between Vice President Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan, see Gavel Grab.

Bazelon’s commentary is headlined, “Above Politics: The Supreme Court is keeping a low profile this election year by deftly choosing cases that avoid the hot-button issues.”

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