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Judges Win Retention Votes in Arizona, Indiana, Illinois

Efforts to unseat state supreme court justices in retention (yes-or-no) elections failed in Arizona and Indiana.

In Arizona, Supreme Court Justice John Pelander  set up a campaign committee to defend against a GOP and tea party effort to unseat him (see Gavel Grab). Justice Pelander is a Republican. Justice Pelander and other appellate judges on the  ballot  ”coasted easily” to retention, the Arizona Republic reported.

In Indiana, Supreme Court Justice Steven David, the target of some anti-retention efforts over a single ruling in a controversial case (see Gavel Grab), won another term with 69 percent of votes cast. An Associated Press article characterized the retention challenge as rare.

Meanwhile in Madison County, Ill., four judges who were the target of a grassroots ouster effort all won new terms on Tuesday, according to the Madison County Record.

Citizens for Judicial Integrity urged removal of the four judges “because of concerns that the court is influenced by large donations from asbestos lawyers, which has resulted in an increased number of asbestos-related court filings in Madison County,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch had reported earlier.

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