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Super PAC Cash Boosts Record Breaking Spending

Record-setting spending and the heavy involvement of  super PACs in the recent state judicial elections have critics concerned, reports an ABA Journal article.

Citing a recent New York Times editorial, the article reports that as of Election Day, spending on TV ads for state supreme court races had topped $28 million, with more than half of the ads funded by groups unconnected to the candidates. Referencing statistics from an analysis conducted by the Brennan Center for Justice and Justice at Stake, the editorial reports that this cycle’s spending surpassed the previous record on $24.4 million, set in 2004.

“The Times says the trends could be addressed by replacing judicial elections with merit selection,” says the ABA Journal. “States with elections should revise judicial recusal rules to take contributions into account, the newspaper says, and should require disclosure of all donations to judicial candidates.”

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