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Justice Sotomayor’s Memoir Sparks Media Blitz

The weekend produced a  media blitz about Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s autobiography, “My Beloved World.”

While the book is short on clues about her legal philosophy, one of the most intriguing reviews examined her memoir in light of the debate at the time of her nomination — it was 2009 — over President Obama’s spoken desire for empathy as an “essential ingredient” for reaching “just [judicial] decisions and outcomes.” Dahlia Lithwick concludes in her Slate book review :

“The life of the judicial ‘empathy standard’ lasted all of about three months in 2009; it ultimately died for lack of a champion. Sotomayor’s memoir may not mollify those who criticized her for once suggesting that sometimes a ‘wise Latina woman’ might arrive at different conclusions than other judges. But credit her with this: Although she said at her confirmation that what’s in a jurist’s heart doesn’t matter, she has spent her life imagining her way into the hearts of everyone around her.

Here are some other media reports and reviews:  Nina Totenberg on NPR’s Morning Edition, ”A Justice Deliberates: Sotomayor On Love, Health and Family;” NBC’s Today Show, “Sonia Sotomayor: ‘Each decision comes at a cost,” with a video interview of the justice; Wall Street Journal, “Memoir Details Justice’s Difficult Ascent;” USA Today, “Sotomayor Makes Surprising Revelations in Book;” New York Times, “Washington Is Home (for Now at Least), but Sotomayor Stays True to New York;” and Washington Post, “Sotomayor tells life story shaped by disease, overcoming adversity.”

Further  reports come from The Boston Globe, The Atlantic, and CBS News’ “60 Minutes.” Gavel Grab thanks How Appealing blog for the links.

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