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Ohio Candidate Cool to Judicial Appointment Plan

An appellate judge who is running as a Democrat for the Ohio Supreme Court has declined to endorse a  judicial appointment and retention election plan, aimed at reducing the influence of big campaign cash and partisan politics.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Judge Mary Jane Trapp said “Ohio voters have overwhelmingly rejected the idea, most recently in 1987.”  Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer, a Justice at Stake board member, has proposed appointing Supreme Court justices and held a recent conference to gather support.

Earlier this year, Judge Trapp said public financing for judicial elections is “something that needs to be looked at,” and it has “been very successful in North Carolina. But we have a budget issue, so we have to be realistic about that.” You can read more about her views by clicking here for other Gavel Grab posts, or you can visit here to learn about Justice Moyer’s election reform ideas.

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