U.S. Judiciary Voices Support for Immigration Bill Amendment

The Judicial Conference of the United States says a bipartisan immigration bill in the Senate, if passed, would “have a tremendous impact on the workload of the courts.” In a letter, it voiced support for an amendment proposed by Sen. Dianne Feinstein that would provide funding to support new costs incurred by the judiciary.

The letter to Feinstein was dated June 13 and signed by Thomas Hogan, secretary of the Judicial Conference, which administers the federal court system.

Regarding the immigration reform bill, the letter said, “If enacted, S. 744 will have serious resource implications for the federal courts. The significant increased resources authorized for Executive Branch agencies to expand border enforcement, adjudicate thousands of applications for citizenship, as well as new and increased criminal penalties, will have a tremendous impact on the workload of the courts. Yet, as reported from the Judiciary Committee on May 23, 2013, S. 744 does not include a specific authorization of funding for the Judiciary to address the increased workload that will come from implementation of the new bill.”

The letter said the federal judiciary supports an amendment by Feinstein and Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware that would authorize money from the Comprehensive Immigration Trust Fund — to be set up under the legislation — to go to “support costs of the Judiciary to implement the Act.”

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