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Article Details Nasty Alabama Race

The race to replace Alabama Supreme Court Justice Harold See has escalated from a cold war to an all-out slug fest.

The campaign between Republican Greg Shaw and Democrat Deborah Bell Paseur is aiming to be one of the nastiest in the state’s history, according to a Birmingham News article.  Both sides have slung negative ads towards each other, with claims ranging from oil company backing to outright hypocrisy.

Justice At Stake’s  Charlie Hall was quoted in the article, saying “At first it was like one of those Westerns where the people are saying `Things are too quiet around here.’  Then the guns started blazing.”

Both campaigns claim that they are the victim of smear campaigns and disingenuous push polls by unknown third parties.  Needless to say, this is shaping up to be one of the hottest judicial races of the cycle.

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